Tips for social media marketing in 2017

Wondering how to market your products and services in 2017? Well, try social media. It really works each time and you have a wide audience for cheap. Marketing geniuses of the present day report that most of the businesses focused on B2C and B2B channels, alongwith paid advertising channels, while others took to Facebook for marketing online.

According to a recent survey that covered around 5710 marketers across the globe, 94% said that they used more of FaceBook as a part of their advertising strategies. Other social media channels used by them included LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram followed by YouTube and Pinterest. Another interesting trend noticed was that B2C marketers used more of Instagram, FaceBook and Pinterest as compared with B2B marketers.

Last year, Facebook surpassed LinkedIn in advertising channels for the first time among B2B marketers even though most of them said that LinkedIn was better for marketing to other businesses.

Then comes video marketing. Well, this works every time because mostly all executives prefer to watch videos rather than read text. A video created to demonstrate something related to your business also demonstrates authenticity. This was you can capitalize on your business.

Overall, one can say that social media is a great tool for advertising for all businesses; especially if you have a small business. You can market globally with minimal resources and still gain a wide coverage as bigger brands do.