How Cheap SEO Articles Save Your Website from Google Updates

Post the latest Google update by Berry Schwartz , lots of websites have seen a downward trend in the rankings of their websites. This article provides methods to stay safe from the Google updates using cheap SEO articles. There are certain techniques which help to avoid any consequence from Google penguin updates. These include high-quality content writing, social media and site structure, and navigation.


What you can do


Content marketing involves creating and sharing useful content online and in turn driving the attention of the people to develop the business online. ‘Content is King’ for generating web traffic. Blogging is not the only option for content marketing. One can support the content by different ways which involve promoting the content on social websites like Facebook and Twitter. This way the information is passed to friends and colleagues easily; even in the form of videos on YouTube and Viddler etc. Documents, slides and PDFs are the best source to share content on different websites like, Docstoc, Slide Share and Author Stream.


Cheap SEO articles must be written with fresh content and must focus on your website’s keywords. It is necessary to use proper citations as having duplicated and copied content can lead to penalty from the Google Penguin update. The cheap SEO articles must be written in a unique and creative manner and in a way that they create attention among the readers. Guest posting is another option for promoting business and to increase awareness about your products and services. It helps to build more links for the blog or site. Posting interviews is also a good way to engage users on your blog or site.


Social media is the way to go


Social media sites offer the finest sources to attract users and share, update and gain traffic. Social media not only drives traffic but also helps in making a website a brand. Many people prefer using social media over cheap SEO articles to save their website from any update. Linking social media sites is the best option to promote content from one site to another automatically. By sharing, it inspires others to follow it properly and helps in growing the business in a cost effective manner.


Site structure and navigation also influence the SEO authority of a website and these should be organized in such a way that it becomes easy for the visitor to find the web page easily. There are certain decisive elements that need to be taken care of while writing cheap SEO articles as these help to find the content easily. It is necessary to connect each page of the website to the home page so that it becomes easier for the visitors to go back to the home page.


The changes imposed by the penguin update have provided the option for SEO article writers to write high quality content and provide the readers a better user experience. Effective changes in site structure can offer solid SEO benefits to the site, and moreover, the spiders will also consider the site as a high quality one. Adding more backlinks is an effective way to drive traffic. For example websites on tutorials, awards and free resource directories (coupon/ promo code) link their website to others to provide more information. But one needs to work hard for all this. Google has altered the features of the industry; forcing many SEO firms to get familiarized with their strategies. And it all relates to the quality and value of the content on the website.


Google has been very clear about cheap SEO articles and high-quality content, as it expects this trend to carry on in the years to come with resourcefulness and information.  This makes sure that the content gets accessible comprehensively with abundant social signals and produces considerable SEO value.


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