The complete SEO checklist for SEO articles

The complete SEO checklist for SEO articles

Although SEO articles are the most important factor concerning SEO, they are for sure not the only factor that matters. If it would have been so easy to rank a website, then most of the people would only buy SEO articles and upload it on their website, and their work would be done. But SEO is not such a simple game.

Some SEO optimized articles:

Having well written and optimised SEO articles is the most important factor that any website owner needs to keep in mind. Without this, all the SEO work would go in vain leading to waste of time and money. If someone doesn’t know how to write them, they can always buy some articles from the plenty of professionals that you can find on the web easily. But this is one step that nobody can afford to miss.

Creating better meta descriptions

Google has issued some new directives on how to rank better using meta descriptions. On its end, it is working on updates to the way they are rendered.

When deciding what data to show in the snippet of a result, Google initially looks at the content of the page and takes the most relevant information. If that is not available, then it takes the meta description written manually to display in the snippet of the result.

Previously, if the page information was not very relevant and there was no meta description for the page as well, then Google would take information from DMOZ. But since DMOZ is now closed, Google can’t rely on web directories for snippet generation.

With that, it has become even more important to know what Google means to say when it says a good meta description. According to them, an excellent meta description would accurately mention everything that’s there on the page in a few words. They should be able to convince that it is the search result that they were looking for.

So now the most common mistake that site owners should try and avoid is forgetting to add a meta description. Another issue to be watched out is to insert the same meta description to all the pages. Other problems which one should avoid include spammy, off-topic writing, spamming or resorting to some cheap tricks to attract users to visit their pages.

Getting an SEO expert:

Although adding excellent SEO articles and meta description to your website is right, but that’s not enough. There are several things such as image optimization, off-page, and on-page SEO tasks such as keeping the proper H1 heading that need to be performed. So it best to get an SEO expert to handle that part for you as it prevents the headache of going through the long, complicated and time taking process of SEO. You can always find help on SEO at many websites such as


The NOODP robots which prevented Google from using DMOZ to create snippets will now be used. These robots are the smartest creation by Google and ensure the best content for the users. But this makes the task tough for site owners. So one should go with an SEO expert with the proper knowledge to get help in such situations.