Sex, Baby Making and Article Writing for SEO- How are They Similar

Sex, Baby Making and Article Writing for SEO- How are They Similar

You must be wondering – what kind of topic is this? How are SEX and baby making similar to SEO (article writing) anyways? Well, read on.

To start with, what’s SEX?

It involves mating between two partners; could be a male and a female, a female and a female, or a male and a male. Today, where homosexuality and gay relationships are legal, you can have partners from the same sex. Well, leaving that apart, one can say sex is an act of sexual intercourse that offers pleasure to two people (or sometimes even more people ). So how’s that similar to article writing? Well, in article writing also two or more people are involved – the website on which the articles are posted and the audience on the Internet who reads these articles. The audience could be anybody starting from the toddlers to young and old. This is because these days everyone has access to the Internet conveniently.

Coming to baby making

You need to specifically have a male and a female partner to conceive naturally. This is where the target audience comes in when we talk about SEO articles. The articles that you write must be related to your website and specifically written for your target audience. Writing unrelated articles and posting them on your website won’t help. You need to be specific just as you are in choosing your partner before making kids. Further, in order to conceive fast, one of the most basic prerequisites is that you need to have sex every other day throughout your cycle. And here comes the similarity between sex, baby making and article writing for SEO. In order to rank your website on the top in terms of SEO, you need to post SEO articles every other day, every month, to make your website rank on the top faster. So doesn’t that make article writing or posting articles on your website similar to having sex for baby making.

Well, what a great way to explain why posting SEO articles frequently on your website is important. Now that you have understood the same, you must be thinking how to go about it.

Should you be writing articles for your website yourself?

Should you hire a firm that could do this for you? If yes, then which one?

How to select the topics that would make you rank faster?

What should be the minimum word count?

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So, get ready for greater revenues flowing into your account monthly because you have the SEO articles that would take you to the top. Try this strategy and submit articles frequently on your website every month. I am sure the results would be good enough and very much visible in no time.