Some truths about Website Promotion and Content

After the latest updates by Google everyone is now focusing on content for promoting their website. Article and blogs are a common ask when it comes to content writing for online promotion of your business.

But do you actually know the truth and the relation between the articles you post about your website and your website’s online promotion? You must be eager to know as to whether such efforts generate website traffic.

Well here are some truths and answers to all your queries -

1. Quality content

You must have come across lots of article directories and article submission sites online wherein people post articles about their business, products and services. But they usually have horrible content and not at all well written. Simply writing for the sake of it is not what is required to get the traffic. You must have a well written, relevant and an attractive article so as to generate audience and hence visitors to your website or your products and services. It must be highly informative and readable. Writing good quality articles will hence not only generate website traffic for your business but will also give you an edge over your competitors. Always remember the three R’s when you are focusing on article writing as a part of your website promotion,

-      Reader oriented

-      Relevant

-      And readable

If you focus on them, then you will see traffic coming to your website.

2. Write articles that focus on your business keywords

According to the latest updates by google and various other search engines, the keyword concentration in every article you write should be around 2-3% of the total article word count. Having little or too many keywords will not give you the results you are looking from this activity. Not only should the article have the required amount of keyword concentration, but you must also select topic and write content in the article that relates to the keywords. Having an article on interior designing and putting keywords related to website designing won’t work. In fact it will adversely affect your rankings.

If you take care of these things, then it will surely get you the results you have been looking for ie. Higher website traffic.

3. Write something new

People search the web to find something new each time. They don’t search for things they already know about. So write new and unique content every time and try to provide a new piece of information. This will not only interest your readers but will also generate website traffic for you.

4. Avoid copied content

If you think that just putting the relevant content on your website by copying it from somewhere else will help you in your website promotion then you are wrong. Such copied content is not seen by search engines like google and gives negative rankings to your website. So the more unique the content is, the better it will be for your website. Google feeds on only one thing and that is Content. So give top priority to unique and quality content and stay ahead of others.


“Content is King”, says Google and so do we.



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