Buy Press Release After The Panda 4 Google Update

Buy Press Release After The Panda 4 Google Update

Oh no!! The bad news is here! The new Google Panda update has made everyone give reactions like that. While a lot of stringent rules and regulations have been imposed on the SEO articles, the press releases are also not barred. The market experts have to say that this can lead companies to buy press release that are in tune with the regulations of the Google instead of writing them on their own.

Also, a lot of pressure has been laid on the press release agencies. This is going to harden the working ethics and the working environment for these agencies. It has been observed that the same press release gets published on various websites to attract the user’s attention, and also to ensure better rankings on the web. But with this new update from Google, everything is going to be a lot more regulated and disciplined.

Here are some of the rules and regulations that have been introduced and reformed in the Google update of Panda 4.0 –

  1. First of all, any links included in the content to manipulate the page’s ranking is not only disallowed, but also illegal. Also, to buy press release for money that has links or any other kind of incentive to get a press release will be detected and will influence the website’s rankings negatively.
  2. If any phrase or any word that has been used numerable times in a content will be considered to be used only to stuff up the things in the content. This means that only relevant, meaningful, and optimized content will be accepted on the web now. If this is not done so, Google will assume that the content is written only to get higher ranks and is not created for the use of the reader.
  3. Posting of fake or irrelevant press release on various websites only to promote the business is now illegal. Google will completely bar the unnatural content, posted merely to gain popularity. The experts in the Google say that the relevant and useful content will naturally gain popularity.
  4. A lot of people buy press release with an agreement with the PR agency to promote the website by posting its links at various other spots. Now such kind of practice will be completely flagged by the Google, and any kind of content like guest column, guest page, etc will result into penalties.
  5. Now the PR agencies will have to face a lot of disappointment from their clients. The work that was carried on perfectly prior to these rules will now no more result into viral effects and huge traffic directed to the client’s websites.

Given all the above norms, it has become almost impossible to create a content that is unique, relevant, and abides by the rules and regulations from the Google updates. As a result, the best option that lies in front of the website owners is to buy press release from high class SEO companies that can live up to these all clauses, and provide a content that is most appropriate to be published on the internet.