Buy Articles And Prevent Unnatural Links From Your Site

The articles focuses on, why one should buy articles to improve his ranking on Google? Why one should buy articles to build natural links to his website?

Yes, it is very true that people buy articles in order to build links for their website. This helps in creative effective backlinks and prevents your site from unnatural links from your site.

When you buy articles and post them on your blog or on other article submission websites, then it creates a high quality backlink for you. And as per latest Google update these backlinks give positive effect on the ranking of your website on various search engines.

Now we will discuss whether your site is user friendly or unnatural?

When we talk about unnatural links, these are traffic counterfeiters, are fake and create a negative impact on the ranking of your website. So you have to make sure that you do not create any unnatural links.

But what exactly are unnatural links that point from a website to your website? you must really be wondering now.

Unnatural links do not point to your whole website but are pages on your website. Some of the examples of unnatural links that point from a website to yours are:

  • Copied content
  • Doorway pages
  • Links in blog comments that have been spammed

So you must bear in mind all the above points before you actually start to build links for your website. Make sure that your website works for you and not against you.

Here are 7 prevention methods that you must follow in order to not have any unnatural links from your website:

  1. Block spam: Make sure that the users of your website forum or blog do not indulge in generating spam content. You must also make every effort to monitor this as after your website is your baby and not anyone else’s.


  1. Do not create any Parked Paged: Parked pages are the ones that either redirect the user, or have a reserve domain or the ownership of the registrant of that page has expired. These pages do not have any quality content and are intended to redirect the user to the main website.Hence these should not be used as they will ultimately lead to unnatural links for your website.


  1. Be a website owner: Sign up for a paid hosting service and not a free services as this shows the search engines how much interest you have in your own website. Also free hosting sites are prone to spammy content, so avoid doing that.


  1. Create a website design that is user-oriented: Design your website in such a way that the user has a great experience surfing yoir website as this improves your website’s ranking. So better invest in the design of your website.


  1. Quality and unique content: Content has always been King. If you put spammy or copied content on your website then it adds no value for users. So always put engaging and quality content on your website that is unique and plagiarism free.


  1. Fix Hacked pages: Take action anf fix any hacking issues with your website pages. Clean your website and secure it and create a great brand.


  1. Avoid Spamming: Do not publish spinned content nor do any keyword stuffing on any of your website. Stop them ASAP and start creating and publishing quality and unique content on your website.


So from this it is very clear that copied and irrelevant content is a big NO NO. When you Buy Articles and publish high quality content on your website then it results in increased conversions, higher traffic, better exposure and engagement. Buy articles if you cannot write them on your own from Content Inc as we provide the highest quality articles. Our articles always rank among top 20 pages on google and we are very sure you will see the difference once you start publishing content from us. So buy articles today from Content Inc for a better future tomorrow!!! Call us or email us for details.